Navigation Panel

The Navigation panel offers a distinctive design with exclusive navigation bar options, serving as an innovative alternative to the traditional bottom navigation bar and hamburger menu.
Mobile/Web Application
Node JS
Product Design
About The Client
The healthcare industry heavily relies on the effective management of appointments, staff, doctors, and patients in clinics.
Product Vision
At Navigation Panel, we're on a mission to revolutionize user navigation experiences. We believe in breaking away from the conventional and introducing fresh, dynamic alternatives to the traditional bottom navigation bars and hamburger menus.

Our package offers three distinct animated navigation options, each meticulously crafted to enhance user interaction and engagement:
1. Center Float Menu
2. Center Docked Menu
3. End Docked Menu
Business Requirements
Implementation of Unique Navigation Options
- The package should provide three different types of animated navigation options: Center Float Menu (CenterFloatAnimatedNav), Center Docked Menu (CenterDockedAnimatedNav), and End Docked Menu (EndDockedAnimatedNav).
Ease of Installation
- Users should be able to easily add the navigation_panel package by including "navigation_panel: <latest_version>" in their pubspec.yaml dependencies.
Integration and Importing
- Users should be able to import the package with the statement "import 'package:menu_button/navigation_panel.dart'" in their project files.
Changelog and Versioning
- The package should maintain a detailed changelog, documenting version updates and changes made in each release.
- Versioning should follow semantic versioning standards.
Beta Release (0.0.1)
- The initial release should be marked as beta, indicating that it may still be in a testing phase and may have limited functionality.
Demo Folder Renaming (0.0.2)
- The demo folder should be renamed to "example" for better clarity and consistency.
Improved Documentation (0.0.3)
- The package documentation should be enhanced to provide clear and comprehensive information on installation, usage, and customization.
Video Demo (1.0.0)
- A video demo should be added to the Readme file to visually showcase the functionality and appearance of the different navigation options.
Video Demo Replacement (1.0.1)
- Video demos should be replaced with GIFs in the Readme file for improved accessibility and ease of viewing.
Key Targets to Achieve
Innovative Navigation Options
Package Installation and Integration
Documentation Enhancement
Version Control and Updates
Technical Architecture
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Project Execution
Project Initiation
Objective: Define the project scope, objectives, and deliverables.
Actions: Define the project scope, objectives, and deliverables.
Market Research and Analysis
Objective: Gain a deep understanding of the healthcare industry, clinic operations, and existing challenges.
Actions: Conduct market research to identify trends, competition, and potential user needs.
Analyze current clinic management systems and processes to pinpoint areas for improvement.
Requirement Gathering and Definition
Objective: Clearly define the functional and non-functional requirements of the Jatya application
Actions: Conduct stakeholder interviews and workshops to gather detailed requirements.
Document use cases, user stories, and system requirements.
System Design and Architecture
Objective: Design the technical architecture and system flow of the Jatya application.
Actions: Develop a high-level system architecture that outlines components, modules, and interactions.
Design the database schema to support efficient data management.
UI/UX Design and Prototyping
Objective: Create an intuitive and user-friendly interface for the Jatya application.
Actions: Develop wireframes and mockups for the application's user interface.
Conduct usability testing to refine the design based on user feedback.
Objective: Implement the features and functionalities outlined in the requirements.
Actions: Develop the front-end using appropriate technologies like React for a seamless user experience.
Build the back-end using Node.js, focusing on scalability and robustness.
Integration of Subscription Model
Objective: Implement the subscription-based model for clinics to access Jatya's services.
Actions: Set up secure payment gateways and billing systems.
Configure subscription plans and user management features.
Testing and Quality Assurance
Objective: Ensure the application functions as intended and is free from critical defects.
Actions: Conduct comprehensive testing, including unit testing, integration testing, and user acceptance testing.
Address and resolve identified issues or bugs.
Deployment and Release
Objective: Prepare for the launch of the Jatya application.
Actions: Deploy the application to a secure hosting environment.
Monitor performance and address any deployment-related issues.
Training and Onboarding
Objective: Provide training and onboarding for clinics to effectively use the Jatya platform.
Actions: Develop user guides and tutorials for clinics and their staff.
Conduct training sessions and offer ongoing support for users.
Marketing and Launch
Objective: Promote the Jatya application to clinics and healthcare providers.
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Navigation pane
The Navigation panel offers a distinctive design with exclusive navigation bar options, serving as an innovative alternative to the traditional bottom navigation bar and hamburger menu.