CRM Harmony Hub: Unified Microservices Solution

Developed a versatile application for seamless integration with diverse client CRMs (Salesforce, PAWS, etc.), allowing users to adopt multiple personas across various programs. The solution includes a private NPM package for querying PAWS, middleware modules for normalizing CRM interactions, and a relationship manager to handle user relationships efficiently.
Mobile/Web Application
Node JS
Product Design
About The Client
The healthcare industry heavily relies on the effective management of appointments, staff, doctors, and patients in clinics.
Product Vision
A unified and streamlined CRM integration solution, facilitating seamless user experiences across diverse platforms. Our product normalizes interactions with various CRMs, including a tailored solution for PAWS (Palette - AWS), ensuring efficient communication and relationship management through microservices architecture.
Business Requirements
CRM Compatibility
Ensure the application seamlessly integrates with multiple client CRMs, including Salesforce and PAWS, to facilitate a unified user experience.
Persona and Program Support
Enable users to have multiple personas across various programs, allowing for personalized interactions and data management within the application.
Normalization of CRM Data
Implement middleware modules on Backend Microservices to normalize requests and responses from different CRMs, ensuring consistency and ease of data handling.
Custom CRM Integration (PAWS)
Develop a private NPM package (PAWS con) to efficiently query and integrate with the custom CRM PAWS (Palette - AWS), providing a standardized interface for data retrieval.
User Relationship Management
Implement a relationship manager to efficiently manage user relationships within the application, enabling users to interact seamlessly with multiple personas and programs.
Key Targets to Achieve
Interoperability with Multiple CRMs
Persona and Program Management
Normalization of Requests and Responses
Microservices Implementation
Private NPM Package for PAWS Integration
Technical Architecture
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Project Execution
Project Initiation
Objective: Understand the challenge of working with multiple client CRMs and designing a solution.
Actions: Conduct a kickoff meeting to align project goals and objectives.
Define the scope, deliverables, and stakeholders.
Requirement Analysis and Design
Objective: Define the functional and non-functional requirements for the CRM integration application.
Actions: Analyze the unique requirements of each client CRM (Salesforce, PAWS, etc.).Define user personas and their relationships with multiple programs.
Design the microservices architecture, emphasizing scalability and flexibility.
Microservices Implementation
Objective: Develop microservices for seamless integration with multiple CRMs.
Actions: Develop a private NPM package (PAWS con) for querying the custom CRM (PAWS).
Implement middleware modules in the backend microservices to normalize requests and responses from different CRMs and PAWS Con.
Normalization Module Development
Objective: Implement middleware modules for normalizing requests and responses.
Actions: Develop normalization modules to standardize data formats and structures.
Ensure compatibility with various CRM APIs and PAWS Con for consistent communication.
PAWS Con Integration
Objective: Integrate the private NPM package (PAWS con) for querying the custom CRM (PAWS).
Actions: Implement functionalities to leverage PAWS con for seamless communication with the custom CRM.
Ensure secure and efficient handling of data through PAWS Con.
User Relationship Management
Objective: Manage user relationships across multiple programs and CRMs.
Actions: Develop a relationship manager module to handle user associations with different personas and programs.
Implement functionalities to link user profiles to their respective CRM and program contexts.
Deployment and DevOps
Objective: Deploy the application for real-world usage.
Actions: Set up deployment pipelines and CI/CD processes for continuous integration.
Deploy microservices and related components to production environments.
Training and Support
Objective: Ensure users and administrators can effectively use and maintain the application.
Actions: Conduct training sessions for end-users, administrators, and support staff.
Provide ongoing support to address any issues or queries.
Monitoring and Optimization
Objective: Monitor the application's performance and optimize as needed.
Actions: Implement monitoring tools to track microservices performance.
Optimize code and infrastructure based on performance metrics.
Project Review and Iteration
Objective: Evaluate project success and plan for future iterations.
Actions: Conduct a project review to assess achievements against initial goals.Gather feedback from users and stakeholders for potential improvements.
Plan for future iterations or enhancements based on feedback and evolving CRM requirements.
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