BetterAsk is to showcase how this cutting edge AI powered Tool aims to revolutionise the way users interact with documents. BetterAsk is used to usher in an era where working with documents is no longer a static and frustrating process but a dynamic and interactive experience.
Web Application
Product Design
About The Client
The healthcare industry heavily relies on the effective management of appointments, staff, doctors, and patients in clinics.
Product Vision
The vision behind BetterAsk is to showcase how this cutting edge AI powered Tool aims to revolutionise the way users interact with documents. BetterAsk is used to usher in an era where working with documents is no longer a static and frustrating process but a dynamic and interactive experience. This vision emphasises accessibility, efficiency, customisation and inclusivity, ultimately aiming to make documents more user friendly and productive for individuals and businesses.
Business Requirements
Natural Language Understanding
BetterAsk must be able to accurately comprehend and interpret natural language queries from users.
Content Comprehension
BetterAsk should have the capability to understand the content within documents, including text, images, and other media elements.
Contextual Responses
BetterAsk should provide responses that are contextually relevant to the queries posed by users, taking into account the content of the documents.
Document Navigation
Users should be able to navigate through the documents easily using intuitive controls and features provided by BetterAsk.
Document Format Compatibility
Initially compatible with PDF, Text, Word documents, and URLs. The system needs to be extended to support Excel and CSV files.
Users should have the ability to customize the way they interact with documents within the BetterAsk interface, including preferences for display and navigation.
BetterAsk must be designed to handle a growing number of users and documents without compromising performance.
Data Security and Privacy
BetterAsk should adhere to industry-standard security protocols to protect user data and ensure privacy.
User Interface
The user interface of BetterAsk should be intuitive, user-friendly, and provide a seamless experience for interacting with documents.
Performance and Reliability
BetterAsk should perform efficiently, providing quick responses to user queries, and should be reliable in terms of uptime and availability.
Data Visualization Feature
The system should allow users to visualize data within documents, providing additional insights and context.
Exporting Queries into PDF
Users should have the option to export queries and corresponding responses into PDF format for easy sharing and documentation.
Key Targets to Achieve
Ensure compatibility with PDF, Text file, Word document, and URLs.
Implement functionality to make Excel and CSV files compatible.
Add a feature for visualizing data within documents.
Allow users to export queries and responses into a PDF format.
Develop the capability to comprehend the content within uploaded documents.
Technical Architecture
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Project Execution
Project Initialization and Planning Phase
- Define the project scope, objectives, and deliverables.
- Identify the project team members and assign roles and responsibilities.
- Set up communication channels and tools for collaboration.
Requirement Analysis
- Review and refine the provided project details, including vision, business requirements, and key targets.
- Conduct stakeholder meetings to gather additional requirements and expectations.
Design Phase
- Create a detailed technical design based on the provided information and technical architecture (LangChain).
- Design the user interface, ensuring it aligns with the vision and business requirements.
Development Phase
- Set up the Python environment and integrate the LangChain framework.
- Implement Natural Language Understanding, Content Comprehension, Contextual Responses, Document Navigation, and other specified features.
- Develop functionality for document format compatibility with PDF, Text files, Word documents, URLs, Excel, and CSV files.
- Integrate Data Visualization feature and Export queries into PDF functionality.
Testing Phase
- Conduct unit testing to ensure individual components work as intended.
- Perform integration testing to verify that different modules of BetterAsk interact correctly.
- Carry out system testing to validate the entire application against business requirements.
- Implement user acceptance testing (UAT) to involve stakeholders in testing and gather feedback.
Deployment Phase
- Set up a staging environment for final testing and validation.
- Deploy BetterAsk in a controlled environment for a limited audience to ensure stability and performance.
- Address any issues or bugs identified during deployment.
User Training and Documentation
- Prepare user documentation and guides for BetterAsk, including login instructions, document uploading, processing, querying, and reviewing responses.
Launch and Rollout
- Promote BetterAsk to the target user base, providing necessary login credentials and access instructions.
- Monitor the application's performance and address any immediate issues.
Post-launch Evaluation and Refinement
- Gather user feedback and conduct a post-launch review to identify areas for improvement.
- Make necessary refinements to meet user expectations and enhance the application's value.
Monitoring and Scaling
- Implement monitoring tools to track the application's performance, user activity, and system health.
- Plan for scalability based on user adoption and potential future requirements.
Security and Privacy Compliance
- Continuously monitor and enhance data security measures to ensure compliance with privacy regulations.
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