True Space

Truespace is a comprehensive workplace management software that goes beyond just rostering and booking conference rooms. It offers a wide range of features designed to streamline and optimise workplace operations, making it easier for organisations to manage their physical places and facilitate collaboration among team members and guests.
Mobile/Web Application
Facility management
Product Design
About The Client
The healthcare industry heavily relies on the effective management of appointments, staff, doctors, and patients in clinics.
Product Vision
True Space envisions a modern workplace revolution, where organisations effortlessly orchestrate their physical spaces, fostering a dynamic environment that empowers collaboration, productivity, and seamless operations. It goes beyond conventional workplace management software, offering an array of features that redefine how teams interact with their surroundings.
Business Requirements
Employee and Team Rostering
- The system should allow organisations to create and manage rosters for employees and teams.
- Rostering functionality should provide details on who is present in the office, their scheduled times, and their assigned workspaces.
- It should facilitate efficient space allocation and utilisation.
Conference Room and Meeting Space Booking
- The software should offer a seamless booking process for conference rooms and meeting spaces.
- The software should offer a seamless booking process for conference rooms and meeting spaces.
- Manual scheduling should be eliminated, and conflicts over room availability should be reduced.
Invitation Management
- Truespace should simplify the process of inviting both internal teammates and external guests to meetings and events.
- Users should be able to send digital invitations through various platforms, including all necessary details.
- This functionality should optimize workspace usage and reduce unnecessary costs associated with meetings.
Automated Notifications and Reminders
- The software should have the capability to send automated notifications and reminders to users regarding upcoming meetings, room bookings, and other important events.
- This feature ensures that users are kept informed and prepared for their scheduled activities.
Customization and Branding
- Truespace should be customizable to align with an organisation's specific needs and branding.
- Companies should have the ability to tailor the software to match their corporate identity and adapt it to unique office layouts and workflows.
- This customization should allow for a seamless integration of True Space into the existing work environment.
Reporting and Analytics
- The system should provide reporting capabilities to track and analyze workspace utilization, meeting attendance, and booking trends.
- This data will help organisations make informed decisions about space allocation and resource management.
Integration with Existing Systems
- Truespace should be able to integrate with other existing systems within the organisation, such as calendars, collaboration tools, and HR software.
- This integration ensures a seamless flow of information and avoids duplication of efforts.
Security and Compliance
- The software should implement robust security measures to protect sensitive data related to workspace usage and employee schedules.
- It should comply with industry-standard security protocols and privacy regulations to safeguard user information.
Scalability and Performance
- Truespace should be designed to scale with the growth of the organisation, accommodating an increasing number of users and workspaces.
- The system should maintain optimal performance even as usage levels rise.
User Training and Support
- The software should provide user training resources and support to ensure that organisations can effectively utilize all features and functionalities.
- This includes documentation, tutorials, and responsive customer support channels.
Key Targets to Achieve
Efficient Space Utilization and Allocation
Seamless Conference Room Booking
Enhanced Collaboration and Workspace Optimization 
Automated Notifications and Reminders
Customizability and Brand Alignment
Technical Architecture
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Project Execution
Project Initiation and Planning
- Define project objectives, scope, and deliverables.
- Establish a project team with defined roles and responsibilities.
Requirement Gathering and Analysis
- Review provided project details and key functionalities of True Space.
- Conduct stakeholder meetings to gather additional requirements and expectations. Prioritize features based on business criticality.
Design and Customization
- Create a detailed technical design for True Space, including database structure, user interfaces, and workflows.
- Develop a customization plan to ensure the software aligns with each organization’s specific needs and branding.
Development Phase
- Begin development of the core functionalities, including roster creation, conference room booking, and invitation management.
- Implement customization features to allow organizations to tailor the software to their requirements.
Testing Phase
- Conduct unit testing to ensure individual components function correctly. Perform integration testing to verify interactions between different modules.
- Conduct system testing to validate the entire application against business requirements. Engage stakeholders in user acceptance testing (UAT) to gather feedback and validate functionality.
Booking System Integration
- Integrate a real-time booking system to allow users to check room availability and make reservations seamlessly.
- Implement features for viewing room details and managing bookings within the software.
Invitation and Notification System
- Develop a system for sending digital invitations to internal team members and external guests for meetings and events.
- Implement automated notifications and reminders for upcoming events, meetings, and room bookings.
Customization and Branding
- Enable organizations to customize True Space to match their corporate identity, including logos, colors, and unique office layouts.
- Provide tools for adapting the software to specific workflows and processes.
Training and Documentation
- Create user documentation and guides for organizations to effectively use True Space.
- Provide training sessions or resources to help users navigate the software and utilize its features.
Launch and Rollout
- Promote True Space to target organizations, providing necessary login credentials and access instructions.
- Monitor the software's performance and address any immediate issues.
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Navigation pane
The Navigation panel offers a distinctive design with exclusive navigation bar options, serving as an innovative alternative to the traditional bottom navigation bar and hamburger menu.